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Live Music – Slam Donahue and (The) Tony Castles at Pianos for Headless Horseman Residency

For the second week of the Headless Horeseman residency at Pianos this month, Greedhead Entertainment and PopGun Booking really present a great lineup, probably the best of the three week residency. Apart from HDLSS, ambient pop darlings (The) Tony Castles will perform with MBAR and up and coming force Slam Donahue (don’t miss them, they play early but will be worth it), with a DJ set from BRAHMS.

As a preview, here’s a video of the opening band, Slam Donahue, performing at Cake Shop a couple weeks ago. They play at 8, so come to the show early and get down on the dance floor!

Slam Donahue – Where Were We On The Weekend (live):


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EV2BK Live Music – Bear Hands Perform “What a Drag” at Cantora Records

Earlier tonight we attended what was essentially a live listening party for Bear Hands’ new single “What a Drag” at the Cantora Records studios in Brooklyn. “What A Drag” will be released in the U.S. by Cantora on February 16th, and will feature “Can’t Stick Em” as the b-side, available as a limited edition white 7″ vinyl and digitally via iTunes and the like. Bear Hands have been working on a new LP for a while now, and from what we hear it’s pretty much finished at this point, so this single release will serve as an entree to the LP at some point later this year (fingers crossed).

In any case, Bear Hands played a nice little six song set in a room built up with paper flowers and huge hanging lamps, ending with this nice rendition of the soon-to-be-major “What a Drag.” Have a listen! And if you want to download the tracks or buy the 7″, check out the newly redesigned Bear Hands website.

Bear Hands – What a Drag (live):


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EV2BK Live Music – Jupiter One Plays Mercury Lounge and Answers Some Questions

Recently, we asked Jupiter One, who we’ve written about a number of times, some questions. Zac Colwell chats about their name, touring with Regina Spektor, some of the records they listened to while recording their recent effort Sunshower, and where they like to go drinking around here.

EV2BK: I read online that your band’s name is derived from the spaceship in the ’60s TV show Lost in Space. And your album is titled Sunshower. Do you guys study outer space in your spare time or something? What’s the significance of the TV show to your band?
J1: K came up with the name of the band. He claims it came to him one day as a compelling set of words. I’ve never seen Lost In Space and I don’t think K has either. It is handy to say that’s where the name comes from though. As far as our album title, we just love the experience of the Sunshower. We tour all around the country in a van and those little natural wonders can take on a sort of mystical air sometimes when you’re living the gypsy lifestyle. The title’s a tribute to our bittersweet lives, maybe.
EV2BK: Yours comments about the van’s natural wonders taking on a mystical air really reminds me of that pretty hilarious new video you guys released earlier this month called “Van Pilates.” If we didn’t already have a few videos in this post, I’d just link to it directly here.

EV2BK: I also love the concept of the video for “Made in a Day” that you posted on your site, which could have been, well, made in a day I guess. Do you guys hang out a lot and shoot videos when you’re not on tour? Speaking of which, touring with Regina Spektor must be pretty rad.
J1: Thanks! Dave Heilman (our drummer) directed that. We made it in one day to specifically reflect one typical day in our touring lives. One hotel room, pilates [see above], booze, showers (separate), girls (if we’re lucky), and lots of dorkyness. The tour [was] incredibly interesting and quite a blessing from the lovely-magical-beautiful Regina Spektor. We’re VERY grateful she brought us along and that her fans have been extremely receptive to us.

EV2BK: Not sure if you’ve had a chance to check out Pitchfork’s Top 200 Albums of the 2000s at all, but I was wondering if you guys wouldn’t mind putting together your own top 10? Top 5? Or at least the top 5 records you listened to while recording Sunshower?
J1: Hm… Well, I hate to speak for the other guys, but we definitely listened a lot while putting together Sunshower:
1. Tom Petty – Full Moon Fever and Wildflowers
2. Beatles – All of ’em
3. LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver
4. Spoon – All of ’em
5. Apes and Androids – Blood Moon

EV2BK: What’s your favorite venue to watch a show (or play a show) in Brooklyn? In Manhattan?
J1: I think Music Hall of Williamsburg sounds real good. Webster Hall in Manhattan, I guess.

EV2BK: What are a few fun places where you like to hang out when you’re back in BK and/or the city?
J1: The Levee in BK and No Malice in the East Village are popular ones with Pat, our bass player. I just go wherever there’s cheap booze. My house is really fun to hang out at.

As an added bonus, right before Thanksgiving I walked over to the Mercury Lounge for their so-called “homecoming” show after their multi-city North American tour. They sounded pretty fantastic live: clear, balanced, tight, really comfortable. I think this video of an extended version of their song “Unglued,” which closed the night, really served as en exclamation point for Jupiter One.

Jupiter One – Unglued:

You can also check out a couple other live tracks from their Mercury Lounge show on our YouTube Channel:

Jupiter One – Flaming Arrow

Jupiter One – Made in a Day


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ev2bk Live Music – Bear Hands Perform “Belongings” at Rockefeller Center

Fashion's Night Out 2009 Banner on 30 Rock

Fashion's Night Out 2009 Banner on 30 Rock

We were excited to see Bear Hands play a show since their return from across the pond a few days ago, and they seem to have benefitted from the time on the road, as last night’s show at Rockefeller Center for Fashion’s Night Out 2009 was extra tight. It may have been the setting, but it seemed like Dylan, Ted, T.J. and Val were ready for the big time (and maybe some models? just kidding, gfs). Luckily, we were recording when they started in on a relatively new song, “Belongings,” and are dropping that exclusive shit once again. I can’t wait for this record.

Bear Hands – Belongings (Live at Rockefeller Center, 9/10/09):

Here are a few more photos from the show as well, just ’cause we love Bear Hands like that:





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Jam of the Day – Raekwon’s OB4CL2 Finally Drops, on Account of Being So Hot

Today Raekwon finally dropped his long-delayed and much-anticipated record Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II, the follow up to his classic 1995 hit. And really, it feels like these tracks are taking us back to another era, when the Chef and the rest of the Wu breathren dominated over dope, rugged beats. It’s really good. I’m kind of excited to listen to it again.

Tonight, a few lucky ticket holders are heading to Santos Party House to check out the “Ice Water Inc & Littles present: RAEKWON, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II” release party, hosted by Diddy and Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg, with music by DJ Kid Capri. Basically everyone who is on the record is performing live tonight:

Somehow Raekwon managed to keep this from leaking until it dropped today, which is a pretty shocking and impressive feat these days. So if you want to listen to the record in full before buying it, check it out here. Help the Chef eat! But in the meantime, if you can’t make it tonight for the live show, here’s one of my favorite tracks off the album, with an old school beat from Dr. Dre and featuring Lyfe Jennings.

Raekwon – Catalina (ft. Lyfe Jennings):


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