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Jam of the Day – R.I.P. B.I.G., O.G.

14 years later and its still got that new car scent, i.e. FRESH, SON! We still love you Biggie.

Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy:


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JOTD Update: Big Pun Tribute finally dropped!

So it’s been a year since we were all psyched about the Big Pun tribute mixtape that DJ Soul was working on, and then this week, all of a sudden, here it is!:

DOWNLOAD IT HERE: DJ Soul: Mic Check Blog

As we learned last year, DJ Soul plans to release the project on iTunes with proceeds going towards Pun’s family. Tracklist here like whoa:

1. Various Artists – Intro
2. Fat Joe – Intro
3. Big Pun – Resurrection (Produced by Sean C & LV)
4. Big Pun, Fat Joe & Remy Martin – Fire (Produced by Buckwild)
5. N.O.R.E. – Interlude
6. N.O.R.E. & Triple Seis – Close Encounters (Produced by Buckwild)
7. Fat Joe – Interlude
8. Big Pun – Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Freestyle on WKCR
9. Big Pun & Raekwon – Fire Water
10. Big Pun & Cuban Link – Still Not A Player (Demo)
11. Big Pun & Tony Sunshine – Loco Bananas (Produced by Sean C & LV)
12. Triple Seis – Interlude
13. Big Pun & Black Thought – Super Lyrical
14. Big Pun & A.G. – Drop It Heavy
15. Big Pun, Fat Joe, Cuban Link & Triple Seis – Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Freestyle On Hot 97
16. Big Pun – Dream Shatterer (Original)
17. Big Pun – Tony Touch Freestyle
18. Big Pun & Cuban Link – Toe To Toe
19. Onyx & Big Pun – Shut Em Down (Remix)
20. Big Pun – Thug Love
21. Mary J Blige & Big Pun – Round & Round (Remix)
22. Big Pun & Tony Sunshine – King MC
23. Big Pun – Nigga Shit
24. Pete Rock Interlude
25. Pete Rock, Big Pun & N.O.R.E. – Verbal Attack
26. Big Pun – Where You At (DJ Premier Remix)
27. Big Pun & Cormega – Rhyme To Rhyme
28. Big Pun & Nas – John Blaze (Original)
29. Big Pun – Whatcha Gon Do
30. Big Pun – Beat Box
31. Big Pun & M.O.P. – N.Y. Giants
32. Big Pun & Joell Ortiz – BX To BK (Produced by Green Lantern)
33. Big Pun – Mama (Original)
34. Fat Joe, Big Pun & The Terror Squad – Hidden Hand
35. Big Pun – My Turn


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Jam of the Day – Big Pun Tribute for Valentine’s Day

It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since the passing of Big Pun, one of my favorite rappers of all time. It’s also just as hard to believe how rad that Big Pun/Air Jordan image is right there (re-purposed from the original ad campaign promoting the posthumous release of Yeeeah Baby back in April 2000). But fortunately for all the Christopher Rios fans out there, the 10 year anniversary of his death has also led to a couple of great new tracks featuring previously unreleased material from the Bronx MC.

First up, we’ve got this updated version of “Glamour Life” (from Big Pun’s first record, Capital Punishment), which Big Pun’s son – BABY PUN – put out as a tribute to his dad on February 7, exactly 10 years after Big Pun’s death. If you listen to the original lyrics, Pun gives a shout out to his son in the original. And so it’s only fitting that Baby Pun should add a really nice verse to the remix, showcasing a style and flow that sounds like Big Punisher is spitting from the grave basically. This kid could turn into a major MC one day.

AC, Realm Reality, Termanology & Baby Pun (Big Pun’s son) – Glamour Life 2010 (Prod. By Jet Audio):

But the real treat is a whole tribute album of rarities, classics and remixes, which will be released for download tomorrow. From The Boombox:

The mix — compiled by DJ Soul and G Bo the Pro — is the brainchild of D.I.T.C. member Buckwild. The hip-hop producer, noted for his work on Pun’s ‘N—- S—,’ was eager to praise the platinum-selling Latino rapper’s works in the form of a compilation. After Buckwild met DJ Soul, who last year created a similar tribute project dedicated to fallen Harlem rapper Big L, the two began executing the project. “Pun doesn’t get the light that he deserves when they talk about great emcees,” DJ Soul tells The BoomBox. “But I initially didn’t want to do a Pun mix because there isn’t too much unreleased music out there. Everything that’s been recorded has pretty much been released. So [Buckwild] said what if he remixed some of the songs. I knew if we were to do this project it would have to be with Sean C.”

Sean C., Pun’s A&R during his tenure at Loud Records, and LV, both of Grind Music, join the fold of producers creating beats for the homage.

The tribute was originally supposed to be released on February 7. But to make up for the delay, DJ Soul has already posted one of the tracks on his blog, which you can check out right here, right now. And don’t forget to download the whole mix tomorrow!

Big Pun – Resurrection (Prod. by Sean C. and LV):


P.S. You might not believe it, but my father actually saw Big Pun perform live in New Britain, Connecticut back in the late 90s, so Dad if you’re reading this and want to share any memories of the big guy, please drop a comment on the site!

From DJ Soul: @EV2BK The mix has been pushed as it is now being released on itunes with all of the proceeds going to Pun’s wife and kids


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JOTD Tribute Special: R.I.P. King of Pop

As you undoubtably have already heard, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, passed away yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles at the age of 50. At this point the details are still coming in, so no one is saying for sure what happened. But no matter the circumstances, people throughout the world are mourning the loss of arguably the greatest performer of all time, a man who spent over 40 years as a public icon and superstar, selling more than 750 million records and affecting the lives of millions of fans. Pour a sip on the concrete.

Since we can’t compete with the likes of MTV or basically every major TV network in terms of piecing together a biography or “Life in Photos” retrospective, we are going to just keep it simple.

Here are a few of our top Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 videos and tracks.

Jackson 5 – I Want You Back:

Michael Jackson – Thriller (Live from the Bad Tour 1987):

Michael Jackson – Billie Jean:

Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal:

Jackson 5 – Ain’t No Sunshine:

There already are tons of tributes planned and impromptu dance parties going on all over the city (/world) tonight and throughout the weekend, so it shouldn’t be hard to get your moonwalk/white glove/dance party fix.

So many classics, it’s hard to pick just five. Rest in peace.


P.S. What is your favorite MJ track? Let us know in the comments section!


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