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More About Turtles and Synchronicity

In a prime example of what Jung would term synchronicity, today I found a turtle wandering around the yard out here on Block Island:

Block Island turtle

Block Island turtle

It seems like this little guy missed out on the terrapin tarmac tryst at JFK this morning. But given that there are over 300 fresh water ponds on the island, he shouldn’t have too much trouble finding that special someone this mating season.


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ev2bk News – NYC Flights delayed by turtles?

Turtle This morning, dozens of turtles closed down a runway at JFK airport causing flight delays of up to an hour and a half! The 78 diamondback terrapin turtles (which are the state reptile of Maryland apparently) are thought to be in mating season and were probably looking for a nice quiet place to umm… meet up? Apparently the sand along the runway and its proximity to water attracted them to the location. The details of the incident seem to have puzzled everyone, including John Kelly, a spokesman for the Port Authority, who told the Times “It is unclear whether the turtles pair off, or if the numbers indicated it was a group activity.” Not to worry, the turtles have been safely removed and transported to a more discreet location.

When I heard this news, of course, I thought of the classic “Happy Together” by 60s American folk-rock band, The Turtles. “Happy Together,” released in 1967, was their biggest hit, it replaced “Penny Lane” by the Beatles to become number one on the Billboard charts. They made it to number one with the guy wearing a mustard sweater with a tie sewn onto the front, now that’s saying something.

The Turtles – Happy Together:


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