EV2BK Productions & Management was founded by music lovers with a voracious energy to seek out new and remarkable acts. At EV2BK.com, we strive to cut through the noise and highlight the bands and artists that deserve your attention.

As EV2BK Management, Drew Briggie manages innovative local pop, rock, and hip hop acts. Past and current artists include:
Kassa Overall
Kool & Kass
Slam Donahue

As EV2BK Productions, we produce live events and music videos for local bands and artists. Recent videos include:

KOOL & KASS – PLEASANCE (WDGAF) (Official Video) –

BOY CRISIS – L’HOMME (Official Video) –

Who We Are
DREW‘s last name is Biggie, but with an “r.” You might find me on a social network as @Briggiesmallz. This is also my DJ name.

MELISSA says she wants to dance cause she likes to groove, so you know what to do G, bust a move.


General Matters / Music Submissions / Production –

Management Inquiries –


7 responses to “About

  1. Fred Rau

    hey drew and melissa,
    love your site, we’ll try to contribute when we make it to bk or east village

    • ev2bk

      Thanks so much Fred, glad you’re enjoying the site, keep reading!

      And yeah, next time you and Barb are in town, let’s make something noteworthy happen!! haha

  2. Hi u 2,

    Great to see u. I love the blog! Here’s some music spots from the hinterlands:





    • ev2bk

      Hey thanks, Christopher! Great hanging out this weekend, and glad that you’re enjoying the site! Hopefully we’ll see you again soon. And thanks for the pic too!

  3. RIC

    yo drew wut up man! feelin’ the site….hit me up if u want me 2 send u some tracks!! peace!

  4. tim

    love the site! especially animal hands stories!

    great job, drew. miss ya

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