Jam of the Day – Fowl Weather/Lovemaking by Candlelight

Led Zeppelin – Rain Song

This song is great for today: “springtime,” “rain song,” I mean come on. But then, you start to pay attention to the video… and you have to stop and wonder, what is going on here? Who shot this footage of geese, malards, and other fowl and decided, “Na, I’m staying in tonight in the edit room to match up these random bird clips to Led Zeppelin bro”? You might say, “Well, somebody’s got to do it,” but you would be wrong.

Boyz II Men – 50 Candles

You can’t really hear it on this live version (sorry, couldn’t find the album version), but the very beginning of the song opens with a crash of thunder and some soflty spoken incantations to “just sit tight girl” and various other ways to let you know that you are about to have sweet love made to you, all up over and around your living room, by Boyz II Men. Of course, such a scene requires an absurd amount of candles, but in this live performance the Boyz really want to make it clear that they are NOT fronting, so suddenly 50 real candles appear on stage! Enjoy it on this rainy Friday.



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