Jam of the Day – Murder! Betrayal! Cold Case Solved!

This item should be filed away under “Modern Made-for-TV Noir Story.” The OC Register reported yesterday, and Fox (among others) picked up today, news that former NFL linebacker Eric Naposki has been charged, along with then girlfriend Nanette Packard McNeal, in the murder of multimillionaire William Francis McLaughlin in his Newport Beach mansion about 15 years ago.

Police now contend that Ms. McNeal worked with Naposki to create a murder plot something like this: McNeal gave Naposki the keys to McLaughlin’s home, and told him when the old man would be home. Naposki, who was working as a bouncer at a club near the house, snuck in on the specificed day and shot McLaughlin 6 times dead. McNeal and Naposki would then try to walk away with $1 million in insurance money and another $250,000 left to McNeal from McLaughlin’s will. Not to sound like a prick, but have they never seen a movie before? This sounds like almost every noir film ever made (think: seminal 1944 flick Double Indemnity).

Now, let’s sit back for a second and look at this plot summary from IMDB of the 1981 thriller Body Heat, which was in fact an 80s noir remake of Double Indemnity:

“In the hot Pinehaven, Florida, the smalltime wolf lawyer Ned Racine flirts with the sexy but married Matty Walker and they begin a torrid love affair. After a short period together, she convinces him that her husband and mobster, Edmund Walker, is an obstacle for their passion and they have a prenuptial agreement; therefore he should be eliminated. Ned carefully plots a perfect scheme for killing Edmund. However things go wrong when successive evidences are disclosed conspiring against him.”

Sound familiar. Oh that’s right, you need a football player in the mix? No worries. We’ll just turn to 1984’s Against All Odds, in which Jeff Bridges plays an ex-NFL player who gets caught up in the mix with some gangsters and another man’s woman only to have everything fall apart. Check MATE Naposki/McNeal. 80s noir was all over your plot before you even hatched it.

This first video is the final scene from Against All Odds, over which you can hear Phil Collins’ title track to the movie.

Phil Collins – Against All Odds:

I can’t resist also posting a link to The Postal Service’s version, which they released on the Wicker Park soundtrack in 2004, since it’s just so damn good. Well, the song is. Can’t say the same about Wicker Park, I’m afraid.

The Postal Service – Against All Odds:




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2 responses to “Jam of the Day – Murder! Betrayal! Cold Case Solved!

  1. Mathias

    Loving the Jam of the Day posts. They are magically transporting me back to a converted storage closet in midtown Manhattan — in the best possible way!

    • ev2bk

      Thanks buddy! Let me know if you ever want to write a guest post on a critical exploration of r. kelly’s sexuality or anything…

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