Jam of the Day – Clinton Shaking It in Harlem

The New York Times today posted a preview of an article to be published in their Magazine this weekend about Bill Clinton’s new role as a cabinet husband, titled “The Mellowing of William Jefferson Clinton.” It’s a pretty interesting read, and offers a glimpse of a more laid-back ex-President, visiting distant villages or picking up souvenirs for various lady friends.

This image of Bill, up in this Harlem office and generally more relaxed than ever (except post-cigar back in the day, maybe), in some literal ways fits quite nicely with the self-described meaning of this song by the Harlem Shakes that I’ve been into recently. In an interview that accompanies some live recordings they made with Daytrotter during SXSW this year, the band describes the message of “Strictly Game” as:

“[A]bout dreaming up a less chaotic life than the urban bustle the band knows. I guess I meant it to be kind of funny that the furthest the dream can get from an urban setting is a farmer’s market… but evoking a more upbeat vibe.”

Harlem. Less chaotic life. Upbeat vibe. The man has good “game.”

Am I reading too much into this? Yes. But the song and the legacy remain good.

Harlem Shakes – Strictly Game:



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