Jam of the Day – Riding Green Boards on Rogue Waves

I came across an article today in the Times about a new branch of the $7.2 billion surfing industry (who knew?) that really surprised me. I found it interesting that a community that has always been so in-tune with their environment is coming to the recycled materials movement so late in the game. Although there are plenty of organizations out there (like the Surfrider Foundation) that are looking after the oceans and the beaches, the toxic industry of making surfboards, surf gear, and all the waste generated from broken boards etc. had not gone green. Until now. Green Foam Blanks, a company that makes recycled polyurethane blanks (the foam core of surfboards) was recently started in San Clemente, California by surf industry veteran Joey Santley and Steve Cox. As the Times explains, “Polyurethane surfboards are made with a carcinogenic chemical compound and Green Foam aims to reduce demand for new polyurethane by recycling the considerable amount of waste produced when shaping a surfboard from a slab of foam. Old surfboards can be recycled as well.” I think these guys have the right idea. Better late than never. Santley is even mounting a guerrilla marketing campaign to get recycled surfboards in the hands professional surfers and celebrities to build awareness.

Also making waves in Cali today, Oakland’s own Rogue Wave announced the release of their new record Permalight, set to drop in early March, 2010. Their new tour dates to promote the album will start in February. They will be here in NYC (playing the Music Hall of Williamsburg) on the scheduled date of their record release, March 2nd. They have a bunch of great jams from their last album, Asleep at Heaven’s Gate, but the most fitting for today is the ethereal “Eyes.” The odd menagerie of dolls starring in this video are even on a beach!

Rogue Wave – Eyes:



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