Jam of the Day – Young Money Makes Your Bed Rock

As part of our ongoing quest to bring you relevant and creative content in addition to hot jamz and the like, we’ve decided to start posting the Jam of the Day feature in a different way. This means that only some of the JOTDs will be linked to a news story. Some postings, such as this single from Young Money featuring Lil Wayne, Lloyd, Gudda, and Nicki Minaj (among others), will just feature a short introduction and then the jam. Hopefully this will free us up to focus more on some other aspects of the site, such as videos, interviews, reviews, and all sorts of other fun stuff. Keep it locked.

In any case, this song might not score as high on the “dope” scale as “Every Girl,” but I have been singing it on repeat in my head for the past week. Sorry for the ads… VEVO may just destroy all the joys of YouTube.

Young Money – BedRock (ft. Lloyd):



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