Jam of the Day – Google Is Maybe Not Going To Take It

After detecting and then researching the origins of a very sophisticated cyberattack on Google (among several other large and well-known companies, from diverse industries), the company has released a statement titled “A new approach to China” on it’s official blog. Although Google.cn faces smaller attacks almost daily, Google decided that this statement was necessary in light of the scope of the operation and “evidence to suggest that a primary goal of the attackers was accessing the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.” Although they had previously expressed “discomfort in agreeing to censor some results” when launching Google.cn in 2006, this recent attack has led them to the decision to stop censoring results, which “may well mean having to shut down Google.cn, and potentially our offices in China,” according to the statement.

Well, this seems like it could be a very bold move and it certainly is already being championed by human rights groups worldwide. I think that Twisted Sister, The Iron Men Of Rock And Roll, have a jam for you, Google.

Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It:



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