Jam of the Day – Don’t Blame Coco

It’s looking like the last night of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien will be tonight. After signing a deal that will reportedly make him a very rich man, O’Brien is leaving the show and Jay Leno is coming back. Having seen a taping of the old Late Night with Conan O’Brien here in New York, I know that he is really funny on-screen and off. So don’t blame Coco that the new Tonight Show didn’t work out and don’t feel too bad for him either, 32.5 million is a hell of a severance package.

Ironically timed, the release of British band I Blame Coco‘s new video dropped earlier this week. I Blame Coco is headed by Coco Sumner (Sting’s daughter) and her voice sounds promising. I look forward to hearing more tracks. The song features a guest appearance by Robyn (a big Swedish sensation) and the vinyl of “Caesar” will be out February 1st. The mega-DJ Diplo is producing Robyn’s new album and he’s already done a remix of “Caesar” which you can listen to below. The song is good but the remix is better.

I Blame Coco feat Robyn – Caesar:

I Blame Coco f. Robyn, – Caesar (Diplo Remix): (via A Tribe Called Next)




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2 responses to “Jam of the Day – Don’t Blame Coco

  1. miltonious

    We found the single and remixes free check it out! We Love I Blame Coco!
    Free Music: Song of The Week: I Blame Coco – Caesar (feat. Robyn) http://wp.me/pJ4zy-uy

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