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Jam of the Day – Straight Outta PA

NWA – Straight Outta Compton

Straight outta P-A, it’s a crazy brother named Specter! This song is a shout out to Arlen Specter, the venerable Senator outta Pennsylvania who yesterday announced that he would be leaving the Republican Party and joining the Democrats, mostly because he almost certainly has no shot at re-election running as a Republican.

Deomcrats embraced the move, calling it “game-changing,” while Republicans mostly said “WTF?!?” and continued the soul-searching that everyone in the media thinks should happen but may or may not actually be taking place.

We here at ev2bk call it “bad ass.” Like, check out this quote at the end of the NYTimes article: “I don’t expect everybody to agree with all my votes,” he said. “I don’t agree with them all myself at this point.” Straight gangster.


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