bk Live Music – Abigail Warchild’s Final Show at Coco 66


Last night we checked out the final show of Williamsburg-via-Boston band, Abigail Warchild, at Coco 66. The show was spirited, crowded, and fun. Many in the audience commented that it was one of their best shows ever. Lead singer, Mike Sanders, along with Michael Hart, Sean Davenport, and drummer Dana Berkowitz did not disappoint with their expressive lyrics and steady rock sound. The laser-beam lighting created an Atariesque atmosphere that was incongruous with the band on stage but festive nonetheless. For their final song, all audience members who had been to over two shows were invited to come up on stage with the band. Although the small stage afforded limited room for dancing and celebration, the band and their closest fans made the most of it.


Coco 66, 66 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn



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