Jam of the Day – Keep Knocking

Sometimes, you just need some funky soul in your life, and Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings want to give it to you. I guess I first heard about this group because the Dap Kings were playing on all these records all of a sudden about two years ago – Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, etc. – and they just have this really authentic funk sound. This sound is, in fact, purposefully crafted; the band only uses instruments that would have been available up until the 70s to create a genuine retro-soul vibe.

Sharon Jones just brings it hard to the mic, and in this song she’s really just telling all you player haters out there one thing: Back up OFF me. There is a time for other things and there is a time for making love, and this is not a time for distractions, it is a time for back breaking sex with my man, so just hold on damnit!

Special note to the ladies out there: this is a hot sentiment.

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings – Let Them Knock (live):



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