Jam of the Day – Who’s Gonna Love You, General?

The top story for most of the major papers this morning was the news from yesterday that Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has given the boot to Gen. David D. McKiernan as the top military commander in Afghanistan. According to the Times article, Gates acknowledges very matter of factly that this will “probably” end McKiernan’s career in the military.

Sad day for the General, but this shouldn’t be a surprise given that his boss – Gen. Petraeus (read a nice profile of him in The New Yorker here) – rose through the ranks past McKiernan byway of his successful implementation of counterinsurgency tactics in Iraq and various other non-traditional methods of warfare, which apparently are not within McKiernan’s areas of expertise. Still, it’s tough to lose your job.

So to help with the healing and the soul searching, today’s jam is a sad but beautiful one from Bon Iver. Who’s holding all the tickets now, huh Gates? I don’t even know what the means!

But in all honesty this song is really great. Bring a tissue.

Bon Iver – Skinny Love (live at Bowery Ballroom):



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