Jam of the Day – Ghostface Killer Chimp

I think this story is just too strange to embellish so let’s just stick to the facts: In the middle of February, a pet chimpanzee attacked and critically injured a woman in Stamford, CT. According to the police captain, Travis, the 200 lb. chimp, stole the keys to the door from its owner and then made his way over to the victim’s home. The owner claims that Travis was suffering from Lyme disease, which can sometimes lead to rage. Fair enough. It’s a killer chimp.

But then today we get confirmation (via this AP report with the toxicology results) that the owner, Sandra Herold, had given the chimp Xanax on the day of the attack in an attempt to calm him down, and some people aren’t convinced that the drugs aren’t to blame. So maybe she’s the killer.

Speaking of killahs, we ran across this Ghostface Killah and Ron Browz track, “She’s a Killer,” just yesterday. It’s got me thinking that this guy Ron Browz is a pretty serious one-trick pony. But that being said, Ghostface kills it as usual, and the beat is pretty tight, so it’s an overall winner. Unlike our man Travis the Chimp, R.I.P.

Ghostface Killah ft. Ron Browz – She’s a Killer:



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