Jam of the Day – Transatlantic Sadness

Sometimes, it’s got to be a sad JOTD. A flight leaving from Rio de Janeiro and heading to Paris apparently has disappeared over the Atlantic after running into a severe electric storm, and all passengers aboard are feared dead at this time. Air France’s website has a link to more information on its homepage. The plane went missing in an area known as the “horse latitudes.” This “‘area of intertropical convergence close to the Equator [is] particularly susceptible to storms and violent wind changes’ said Julien Gourguechon, who has been an Air France pilot for a decade.” (from The New York Times article).

Not many comments from me except to say that this is really sad and deserves a fitting “jam,” so here’s a song from Beirut’s Elephant Gun EP (2007). God speed.

Beirut – Transatlantique:




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2 responses to “Jam of the Day – Transatlantic Sadness

  1. ev2bk

    P.S. Also wanted to give a shoutout to my good buddy Josh over in Beirut – check out his site “Beirut Notebook” in our Blogroll…

    Sup dogg?

  2. Josh

    That’s right! Maybe it’s only fitting that my blog gets linked from a post about death. This Beirut is a strange place. j

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