Jam of the Day – ButtCrack a Bottle

As you may have seen or heard by now, probably the most talked-about moment of Sunday night’s 2009 MTV Movie Awards was when Sasha Baron Cohen’s character Bruno landed on top of Eminem with his ass-crack right smack in dude’s grill. Since Youtube wants to make you sign in in order to prove you’re over 18 to view it, and other sites seem to keep taking it down, here’s a link to the clip via Gawker.

Watching live, at first I thought that maybe Em has really toned it down and was thinking that a walk-out seemed like a mild reaction to Bruno’s “poopnsack” being thrust inches from your mouth, as opposed to, say, punching Bruno in the face. But then, as Gawker was quick to point out today, you might notice that Eminem has been miked so that his reaction can be heard by the audience, and also that the camera’s had already panned to Eminem even before Bruno started to “fall.”

Indeed, last night one of the writers of the show, Scott Aukerman, revealed on his Tumblr page that the entire stunt was staged, and that Eminem had even participated in a practice run-through prior to the actual performance with Cohen.

So, duh, Cohen’s Bruno is slated to premiere in July, and Eminem’s Relapse came out last month. They both are looking to generate some buzz. And of course, Eminem’s first single from the record, “Crack a Bottle,” is all about generating a “buzz” of a different breed. But what of the new implications with the “crack”??? And did you notice Dr. Dre spitting something ’bout “I’m an itch they can’t scratch” in the second verse? I’m just saying.

Also, this video is mad creepy and weird, so I’m just posting the audio over some fan video.

Eminem – Crack a Bottle (ft. Dr. Dre and 50 Cent):

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen the Bruno trailer yet, do yourself a favor:



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