Jam of the Day – Das Racist Poll

For a while now I’ve been reading internet buzz about Das Racist, a self-described “WEED EDGE/HARE KRISHNA HARD CORE/ART RAP/FREAK FOLK MUSIC DUO.”

Das Racist @ Coco66 (photo by Katy Porter)

Das Racist @ Coco66 (photo by Katy Porter)

Hima Kumar and Victor Vazquez – who is also in the hot Brooklyn band Boy Crisis – have set their guns somewhere between “stoner-ridiculous, just-having-a-good-time, come on quit taking this so seriously” and “creat[ing] a comprehensive theoretical framework for understanding the impact of internalising core consumer culture ideals.” Na just kidding, I got that last quote here, but some people want to get all intellectual about Das Racist like that.

And so on the more serious tip, today Pitchfork reviewed a remix from Wallpaper for their track “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell,” and I have to say that as much as Pfork can be crazy pretentious and over-the-top critical, the review strikes me as relevant in its grasp of the disparate reactions this song seems to elicit from listeners. Personally, I’m in the “DR fan” camp, but clearly others don’t necessarily agree, like this guy who called PH/TB “one of the worst songs I’ve heard.”

Now, I’m not trying to flip it and say that this is the best song ever, but I think that what Das Racist is doing to rap is similar to what The Onion does to news: making a critical statement about the state of society only in as much as that “statement” can be understood in the context of a joke. This is supposed to be funny, people. Get those panties fixed – they’re in a bunch! Only to underscore my point, look at this “News in Photos” piece from The Onion back in March 2008.

Why not listen and decide for yourself?

Das Racist – Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (Wallpaper remix):

Then, cast a vote in our first ever poll!


    UPDATE ON JUNE 10, 2009

Now Perez Hilton is linking to this song too. Getting major.



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7 responses to “Jam of the Day – Das Racist Poll

  1. I did call it the worst song I’ve heard but I also kind of like it….for whatever reason it has me hooked (which is why I posted it).

    Just clarifying.

    • ev2bk

      True, admittedly the quote was taken a little out of context. Wasn’t trying to paint you as a hater though, hence the link to the full article.

      I like your site a lot by the way. Big up T-dot! If you’re ever in NYC/BK for a show or anything let us know.

      • Heh I just wanted to clarify if someone reading thought I was a hater.

        Thanks btw – appreciate the kind words. I shall link back to you :).

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  5. jay

    Every song of theirs I’ve heard is the worst song ever made, they’re terrible, their music is pure garbage.

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