Jam of the Day – Ruminations on Plies

Two years ago (June 5, 2007 to be exact), Slip-N-Slide Records released “Shawty,” the single from Florida rapper Plies that would go on the be a “Jam of the Week” on MTV, blasted all over the clubs and the radio, and basically in your ear all summer long. Plies is still recording (he’s currently working on a fourth studio album set to be released tentatively in the fall of ’09), but it’s always seemed to me that homeboy dropped what little skills he had on his first single, and everything else has been pretty wack. How many times can he spit “goon” and “bust it baby” in a song before people start to realize that his flow is staler than a pack of saltines stuck behind the couch since back in 2007 when “Shawty” first came out? Seriously, look at this dude:

Plies (from Wikipedia)

Plies (from Wikipedia)

Plies? More like PILES (of shit).

But still I must ask: Despite Plies’ quick decline due to lack of any discernible skills apart from being on the same label as Rick Ross at the right time, do you remember how hot “Shawty” was? I’m talking John Blaze ish. Well, it still is. I mean, you’ve got T-Pain talking about ringtones, singing the “Shawty” chorus really for the first time before he started using it in every song, Rick Ross kicking it, tossing girls in the pool… just summertime fun all around.

It’s ok. Go ahead and enjoy this.

Plies – Shawty (ft. T-Pain):




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6 responses to “Jam of the Day – Ruminations on Plies

  1. “everything else has been pretty wack”….. Whack(n.)1. a blow, intermediate in intensity between a whallop and a smack. 2. a first stab or crude attempt. i.e. “Let your little brother have a whack at the circular saw!” (v.) to deliver a whack, ambush, or attempt to wipe out, a person……. Please check out 11 tracks of whack by walter becker. Am totally sure does not relate to either Plies or josh groban…..

    • pops ras

      just fyi,
      piles also refers to hemorhoids….

      • pops ras

        sorry for the incorrect spelling.
        plus, some more unsolicited fyi:
        Date: 14th century
        : a mass of dilated veins in swollen tissue at the margin of the anus or nearby within the rectum —usually used in plural —called also piles.

      • ev2bk

        ha nice one, hope he reads the comments!

      • i think “wack” could possibly be a derivative and/or reference ( in this context) to “wacky” or crazy, silly; eccentric….now i’m associating to gnarls barkley ( sp?)

      • ev2bk

        From urbandictionary.com: wack defined.

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