ev2bk Live Music – The Drums

THE_DRUMS_PRESS_SHOT_3 Wednesday night we checked out the fifth-ever show by Florida’s “The Drums.” Going into the show, I was intrigued by one band member’s description of their sound to ev2bk as being “like, 50’s surf pop, combined with electro pop, a little indie rock… It’s very cool.” And I have to say we were not disappointed.

The 50’s surf sound is light-hearted, refreshing, and really fun when combined with the post-punk undertones of the drums and guitar. Everyone at the Annex that night was having a blast, though there were a few technical issues with the sound, and the back-up vocalists were lost in the louder moments. The show we saw was only their fifth performance ever and they already have a residency at the Annex this month, playing every Wednesday night throughout June. The bands frontmen are singer Jonathan Pierce, formerly of Elkland, and guitarist Jacob Graham, formerly of Horse Shoes. Pierce and Graham had been planning on starting a band together for a while, but it took Pierce’s move to Florida to really get things going. They are joined by Adam Kessler on guitar and Connor Hanwick on drums, with Erin Berkey and Ruthy Mirsky as their aptly costumed back-up singers (Berkey designs and makes the costumes). Their sound is as if the Beach Boys were crossed with your favorite 80’s pop band and Ra Ra Riot. They note that their chief influence was The Wake.

They are working on their first EP now, Summertime, and their next show is this Tuesday at the Bell House, opening for The Legends. They are most definitely worth checking out!

You can listen to my favorite track of the evening, “I Felt Stupid,” right here.

The Drums – I Felt Stupid:




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