Jam of the Day – Search Engines result in Lisztomania

In major tech-news today, the results are in for Microsoft’s new search engine Bing (at least from the New York Times) and, shocker!, they say that in many ways it is better than Google! Some of the major advantages that they point to are pop-up balloons, showing you the first few paragraphs on any site, that show up when you point to a search result before clicking on it, and a new panel to the left of the search results of common sense links. From the Times “When you search for a medical condition, that table offers Causes, Remedies, Treatment, Prognosis and News. Aren’t those almost always the answers you’re really looking for?” You can visit the newly launched comparison site, bing-vs-google.com and decide for yourself.

All this news about information organization and lists today made me think of the infectious song “Lisztomania” released this year by the French alt-rock band, Phoenix. Phoenix, with Thomas Mars on vocals, Deck D’Arcy on bass, Laurent Brancowitz and Christian Mazzalai on guitar, released their debut album, Untitled, in 2000. Many of their former band mates and French rock contemporaries include members of Air and Daft Punk. Their second album, Alpahabetical, released in 2004, increased their profile with songs like “Run, Run, Run” and “Everything is Everything” reaching the charts. They even gained some notice in the high-fashion scene when Hedi Slimane commissioned a custom mix of their song “Victim of the Crime” as the soundtrack to one of his Dior Homme runway shows. They have permeated the DJ scene here and all over Europe and their latest album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, including the aforementioned track “Lisztomania,” just released in late May of this year, is their best yet.

Listen below to here the awesome remix of “Lisztomania” produced by Brooklyn-based duo Holy Ghost!

If you like what you hear you can download more from the boys of Holy Ghost!, Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel, at Green Label Sound here.

Phoenix – Lisztomania:



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