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DSC01564Last week we checked out the CD release party for Las Horas Sin Tiempo, the first LP from latin rock group Los Neuronautas. The band was scheduled to play on the rooftop of the pretentiously swanky Ravel Hotel in Long Island City. However, when hotel security would not allow any of their fans who were wearing sneakers (or Timbs!) upstairs for the show – in a bout of artistic integrity – the band relocated to the Texas Firehouse gallery/loft space, which was convenitently within walking distance down the street. An impressively-sized crowd followed. Leaving the overpriced cocktails (with 20% tip included) behind, most of the crowd stopped in at a nearby deli before heading up to enjoy the BYOB rooftop loft:


Los Neuronautas on the Texas Firehouse Roof

Los Neuronautas on the Texas Firehouse Roof

Los Neuronautas

Los Neuronautas

Probably the highlight of the evening, and when the band truly hit their stride, was when they busted into a spirited rendition of “Desvanecer;” in the process, lead singer/lead guitarist David nearly broke his second set of strings that night. Although it doesn’t even come close to replicating the energy level of the live performance, here’s a link to the recorded version:


Los Neuronautas was formed in 2006 by lead singer and lead guitarist David Vanegas, and drummer Jeff Ortiz. Bassist Gabriel Gutierrez joined the band in February, 2009. Their varied influences include the Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, The Cure and The Doors.



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