Jam of the Day – Frightened Rabbits Jump the Pond

One band that we really wanted to see play at the Siren Music Festival this year, but ended up missing (it’s hard to leave the VIP area and its free booze/food combo), is Frightened Rabbit. This indie outfit from Scotland currently consists of four members, although this number has grown over the band’s life thus far, starting with just Scott Hutchison on vocals and guitar, adding his brother, Grant, on drums and vocals, and later Billy Kennedy and Andy Monaghan, who both play keyboards, guitar, and bass.

One reason why I like them is that their name sounds suspiciously similar to one of my favorite bands, Modest Mouse. The other is that they’re making some pretty great music right now: their second, and most recent, release Midnight Organ Fight scored over an 8 rating from Pitchfork last year, and their live sound is so good that in May they released a live album, Quietly, Now, that is basically the same as Midnight Organ Fight only live, and mostly acoustic, and really really good.

Just so you don’t think I’m making this up, and also since we missed their set during Siren, here’s a video of Frightened Rabbit performing their song “Fast Blood” live at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago two days later. Can anyone else hear a little Braid in there?

Frightened Rabbit – Fast Blood:



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