Jam of the Day – Lookout! for Lighting

During the fierce storms that hit NYC this past Sunday, a man was struck by lightning at Marine Park in Brooklyn where his cricket game was just getting underway. Apparently the strike was really intense, and it sent him up into the air and shredded the pants and hat that he was wearing (one team member, as an aside, proudly noted that his team shirt was intact). The man, a construction worker from East Flatbush named Patrick Gibson, 41, went into cardiac arrest from the shock. Luckily, paramedics were able to resuscitate him and he is now listed in critical condition at Beth Israel Hospital. As worst fear scenarios go, this one is up there, and I hope that he pulls through.

By a strange coincidence, over the weekend I started to read a new book by Joseph O’Neill, Netherland, part of which is about the subculture of cricket players in New York and the sense of community that they find with each other despite their many cultural differences. It is a great read so far and it has been widely critically praised (even Obama is reading it). Judging by the different people on the scene when this incident occurred, it seems that the cultural melting pot portrayed in the book is true to life.

A fitting Jam when talking about lighting bolts (in no way intended to make light of the tragic incident), is the hot first single from the upcoming, self-titled full length from The Entrance Band, entitled “Lookout!”. The power-folk trio based in LA headlined the amazing-sounding (((folkYeah!))) Festival in the Forest in Big Sur, CA in September of last year. They are on tour now and will be in NYC and playing at Santos Party House on August 22nd. We’ll be on the “lookout” for it!

The Entrance Band – Lookout!:

The sound quality of this video is not the best so if you want to watch the video on mute and listen to the song below, that’s probably best.

The Entrance Band – Lookout!:



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  1. Beth

    All the cool people are reading that book!!

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