Jam of the Day – Burning Spear Walks to Feel Irie

Even though we are, by all accounts, still in the midst of a broad economic downturn, it’s good to know that some scientific researchers are striving on and conducting the kind of important experiments of which Nobels are made. Yesterday Reuters posted a story about researchers from the University of Michigan and Delft University of Technology (in the Netherlands), who recently reported their findings regarding the purpose of arm-swinging in its relationship to walking. My favorite line from the piece is a quote from the researchers’ report: “Although arm swinging is relatively easy to achieve, its effect on energy use during gait is significant.” The cloud of ignorance has dissipated! Keep up the good work guys, maybe you can figure out this whole “leg-movement” thing next. For now, I’m sticking to public transportation.

burning_spear But on a more serious note, if you happen to be walking in Prospect Park tonight around 7:30pm, you might encounter the fascinating sight of a 60+ year old Rastafarian busting it out on the bongos and dropping some roots reggae in your ear. This evening, Celebrate Brooklyn! presents Burning Spear, as part of the continuing free concert series that’s been going on all summer, and which the website claims will be “another epic performance.”

Burning Spear, whose real name is Winston Rodney, is a real granddaddy of roots reggae, having grown up in the same St. Ann’s Bay area of Jamaica as Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey, both of whom had a great influence on Rodney’s life. In fact, you can see a pretty rad (although slightly long) video of Burning Spear, Peter Tosh, and Bob Marley here. Be prepared for a nice long session of reggae jams in the park tonight! It’s the most beautiful day we’ve had in a while, so make the most of it. And to help you along on your way to feeling IRIE, check out this video for the song “Walk,” Burning Spear’s most recent release (May 2009).

Rastaman live up!

Burning Spear – Walk:



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