Jam of the Day – Pretty Girls, Wale Wants You But Retailers Might Not

According to the results of a recent study out of the University of South Australia and published in the Journal of International Business and Economics, 18-26 year old girls are far less likely to buy products (regardless of what the product might be) from female sales associates that they perceive to be more attractive than themselves. As Stylelist.com points out, this phenomenon is far more damaging if your company is, say, Abercrombie & Fitch, than if you’re Bloomingdale’s. But still, the author of the study finds that “upward social comparison, where individuals compare themselves with people who they believe are socially superior, can create anxiety, lower confidence and create feelings of inadequacy” leading to “avoidance behavior.” As if women didn’t have enough to deal with already!

But if you’re a pretty girl who is starting to worry about her job security, fret not: you’ve got a friend in Wale (and let’s not forget Lil Wayne, who is very clearly not discriminating).

Wale (real name: Olubowale Victor Folarin), who hails from Washington, D.C., began his career back in 2006 with a series of local hits that were largely inspired by/examples of go-go. Go-go is a sub-genre of funk that originated in the D.C. area (and remains mostly unknown outside of D.C.) that is characterized by its syncopated bass/snare pattern as well as the importance of live “call and response” interaction with the audience.

I first heard about Wale in 2007, when his manager gave a copy of his song “Good Girls” to Mark Ronson, who liked it so much that he invited him to spit a few bars on his East Village Radio show, “Authentic Shit.” Since then, Wale has been riding the Ronson train straight to Hitsville. While playing at Ronson’s record release party at the Highline Ballroom, he was interviewed by MTV news and was later asked to perform at the MTV Video Awards in 2007. This led to his teaming up with Lady Gaga on “Chillin,” and on October 20th, Ronson’s Allido Records (an Interscope imprint) will release Wale’s first official record. Not too bad of a ride thus far.

Getting back to the original point, the most recent leak from the record is “Pretty Girls,” which has a great beat and sample (from D.C. go-go group Backyard), and is one of my favorite new hip hop releases of the moment. Not only is it his second song with the word girls in the title, but it is a pretty good example of go-go (hear that call and response in there?) and reps D.C. hard. So to all the pretty girls: put this record on while you pick up the pieces of your shattered retail-sales-associate dreams, and then go find some rappers to love you!

Wale – Pretty Girls:



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