Jam of the Day – Elizabeth & the Catapult Sing a New Song

Brooklyn’s own indie-pop trio Elizabeth & the Catapult are performing tonight at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and we’re stoked to finally check them out. Musicians Elizabeth Ziman, Dan Molad, and Pete Lalish formed the band back in 2004 and just released their first full length, Taller Children, in June of this year on Verve Forecast. The album as a whole is an exceptional mix of intimate, effortlessly soulful vocals, pop melodies, jazz twists, and textured acoustics.

Ziman has a voice, with hints on Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald, that sounds like she has been singing for much longer than her 27 years would suggest. She was trained as a classical pianist and started to focus on vocal training as a teenager. She went to the Berklee School of Music on a scholarship to study classical composition. There, she met drummer and fellow Berklee student Dan Molad at a party during their final semester, and they began performing together soon after. Guitarist Pete Lalish, another Berklee student, later joined the band and they moved to Brooklyn in 2005. Using Molad’s home studio, the band financed, recorded, and produced their first EP, Elizabeth & The Catapult back in 2006.

There are a lot of great tracks on Taller Children including “Race You Home,” “Right Next to You,” “Apathy” and the albums namesake, “Taller Children.” I also found a really great video of them covering “Coconut” by Harry Nillson at their last show in NYC, the CD Release party for Taller Children at Joe’s pub back in June. In the video they are joined onstage by the Muppet costume-wearing, subway-performing-sensation Xylopholks.

Today’s Jam is not on Taller Children, it is called simply “New Song” for now, but it will hopefully be on their next release and we’ll be sure to ask them about it tonight.

Elizabeth & the Catapult – New Song:



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