Jam of the Day – Will We Be Crystalized in this Modern World?

There have been a myriad of iPhone applications released recently, the most interesting (and creepiest) of which use GPS technology to locate where your friends (or strangers) are in relation to you. Some of the intended uses of these apps are more tame than others. A brand new app still in development by iPhone game publisher Chillingo, called “Crystal“, is rumored to combine this type of technology with social gaming (a la Sim City). So even as people are walking around with their iPhones, they won’t have to actually interact with other people in the “real world”. As Chillingo’s Chris Byatte told Pocket Gamer.biz “We want to create the slickest, smoothest and fastest experience so the user isn’t really aware they’re even using a social gaming network.”

Maybe The xx, who are all rumored to be quite shy, were ruminating on this concept when they wrote the first single “Crystalised” off of their self-produced debut album, xx. The band members met at the Elliott School, which also claims Hot Chip among their alumni, and they recently made NME Magazine’s The Future 50 list. xx was released on Young Turks Records on August 17th and “Crystalised” was the single of the week on iTunes that week. Just a few days ago, the band appeared at the 2009 Reading and Leeds Festivals, and are currently touring with another EV2BK favorite, Florence & the Machine. This song is catchy and is sure to be huge this fall, when we’ll all hopefully be listening to it live and in person, with some real human friends!

The xx – Crystalised:



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