Jam of the Day – Jay-Z’s Not Blue About Blueprint 3 Leak

Not to sweat Jay-Z too hard after yesterday’s post, but ever since the entirety of The Blueprint 3 (the much-hyped and anticipated eleventh studio album from Jiggaman) leaked online yesterday, it’s pretty much the only thing that music bloggers and Twitter users want to write about.

But in characteristic fashion for the de facto King of the Rap Game, Jay-Z kept his cool and has now offerred up a free stream of the record for all to enjoy through MTV’s The Leak. This seems like a pretty smart business plan to me, since he’s diverting attention away from the fact that it’s available for free download, and turning everyone’s attention to the MTV stream instead.

So in a show of support, today’s “jam” is a link to the streaming version of the whole record. I’m only one spin deep so I’m not trying to talk high points or low points, but I think I heard a line in there about “Obama on the text”… haha, Jay-Z is running this rap shit.

Jay-Z – The Blueprint 3 (Whole Record, Stream):

Jay-Z - The Blueprint 3



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