Jam of the Day – Beatlemania Strikes Back

Over the past month, in anticipation of today’s release of both, The Beatles: Rock Band, and the remastered editions of all 12 studio albums from the Fab Four, so many people have been writing about The Beatles and the return of Beatlemania, that there’s even an article about the articles. But if you haven’t had enough meta-news yet, check out Beatlesnews.com for even more coverage of the coverage!

The digitally remastered versions of all of the Beatles studio albums will each feature the artwork and track listings as they were originally released in the U.K., and some albums will come with expanded booklets with rare pictures and new liner notes. For a limited time, each of the albums will also be “embedded” with a brief documentary about its making. And while most people will purchase the remastered discs in stereo sound, the complete remastered box set is also available in an even more limited-edition mono version, for the true Beatles purists (apparently John and Paul never cared much for studio production, and the first few records were all recorded in mono; George Harrison was the real audiophile in the group).

While the concept of The Beatles: Rock Band sounds exciting, I don’t know if we could get quite as euphoric as the Times did when they explained that “By reinterpreting an essential symbol of one generation in the medium and technology of another, The Beatles: Rock Band provides a transformative entertainment experience. In that sense it may be the most important video game yet made.” To a Beatles fan yes, to a Sim City or Halo fan, probably not.

In celebration of renewing and reinventing the old, here’s a fun video and image collage of the Fab Four that begins in their younger days and carries straight through their career. It plays over one of our favorite, and in-arguably one of the best, Beatles songs ever, “Let It Be.”

The Beatles – Let It Be:



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