Jam of the Day – Flaming Arrows from Jupiter

jupiter_one_logo You may never have heard of Jupiter One, but after hearing their new album Sunshower, you might experience the same sort of “this sounds familiar” reaction that I did. Which is not to say that J1 is derivative, but rather that this group of songs is so diverse and touches on so many genres and bands that as I was listening to the record today, my co-worker asked me about 5 times, in disbelief, “is this really the same band?” As the press release for the record states, this is “a brazenly positive, unapolegetically upbeat pop record that simply can’t fail to put a smile between any set of ears.” With a whole slew of good songs on there, including “Volcano,” “Anna,” “Flaming Arrow,” (which kind of sounds like Guster to me) and “Find Me a Place” (is this a lost Police song or something?), the disc does not disappoint, and I recommend checking them out.

Jupiter One, from Brooklyn, which is made up of members K Ishibashi, Zac Colwell, Mocha, David Heilman, and Pat “Panda” Dougherty, have a lot going for them right now: They’re about to open a bunch of shows for Regina Spektor, and tonight they play their “record release party” show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg (I’ll be there if you want someone to hang out with). So go check them out before they get too famous.

Although my favorite song from the album is probably “Simple Stones,” I could only find this relatively poor quality video of them playing it online. So for today’s jam, check out the pretty fun animated video they just released for “Flaming Arrow,” the first single off the record.

Jupiter One – Flaming Arrow:




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