Jam of the Day – The Slew and Ardi, Caught in the Middle of Two Worlds

Later this week, Science magazine will report the finding of the fossil remains of a “woman” who lived and died at the dawn of humanity in Ethiopia. “Ardi,” who lived some 4.4 million years ago, seems to be the earliest known ancestral human fossil yet (sorry, Lucy!). But while Ardi did walk on two legs on the ground, the species also clambered about on four legs in the trees (as evidenced by her opposable big toe), meaning that Ardi is essentially an ape caught in the act of becoming human, straddling both worlds. More will be up on Thursday at this site for the special edition of Science that will reveal the findings.

In a way, The Slew, a project conceived of and executed by Kid Koala and Dynomite D, is sort of in this no-man’s land. Not exactly turntable electronica, not exactly rock, The Slew’s record 100% is partly an attempt by Kid Koala, aka Eric San, to gain some cred for turntables in the rock universe. As he told Wired.com in an email interview recently, “I think rock kids who hate turntables may listen to The Slew and get over their preconceptions pretty quickly.”

The album is definitley a lesson in dope production and rocking hard, and you can download the whole 100% album free from Kid Koala’s official website.


The Slew is playing at the Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight, and from what we’ve heard, this live show is going to be off the hook and REALLY LOUD. For the tour, Kid Koala will be joined by DJ P-Love on 6 turntables and backed by a live band comprised of the former members of Wolfmother’s rhythm section – Chris Ross and Myles Heskett – on bass and drum duties. They just posted some pics from the show in San Francisco on September 25 if you want a preview of what this might look like live, or you can check out the video below for the track “It’s All Over” from 100%, which appropriately begins: “Back in the beginning, when the ape became a man…”

The Slew – It’s All Over:



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