Jam of the Day – Vampires Surprisingly NOT Interested in Drinking Blood

In case you haven’t seen a billboard, bus shelter, television show, magazine, newspaper, or taxi tv lately you may not have been bombarded with the news that the sequel to the latest in the line of tween sensation movies, Twilight, is coming out this Thursday. I may take some heat for this, but I couldn’t even get through twenty minutes of the first movie. Regardless of my opinion though, it was a huge hit so I guess sometimes I just don’t have my finger on the pulse.

Some other young Vampires making news around the world today are Columbia’s own Vampire Weekend. Their tour has taken them to Tokyo and Australia this week, before they’re back stateside in December playing a bunch of shows on the West Coast. They won’t be back in NYC until mid-January, just when their second album Contra is set to drop. Given that “Horchata,” the first single off the album, is named for a semi-obscure Latin American rice-milk beverage and uses the word “balaclava” instead of the more widely accepted “ski mask,” I think it’s safe to say that people are either going to love or hate the esoteric license that they are taking with their lyrics. Judge for yourself people, the video below includes them all.

Vampire Weekend – Horchata:



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