Jam of the Day – Old Man Gives Finger to Fans, Gets Fined $250,000, Still Funny

Yesterday, while the Tennessee Titans trounced the Buffalo Bills in Nashville, Titans owner Bud Adams – who is looking pretty good for 86 years old – was seen vigorously giving a huge middle finger to all of the Bills fans in the audience:

And in fact, he was not only “seen making the gesture while in his luxury suite,” but again while down on the field. This has led to the NFL slapping Adams with a $250,000 fine; he issued an apology a few hours after the game. But I mean, come on! It’s this mad old dude flipping birds in a suit. That’s hilarious. This guy is a hero, like how T.I. means hero in his song “Hero” when he says, “I’m the man, it’s apparent even when I’m running errands.”

T.I. ft. Akon – Hero:



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