Jam of the Day – Wash Out Your Monday Blues

Ernest Greene (a.k.a. Washed Out) was living with his parents in Georgia this summer when he recorded a bunch of laid-back synth-pop songs that became his debut EP, Life of Leisure. When he was interviewed in Pitchfork about it back in September, he seemed surprised about the popularity of his songs. When asked why he was planning to release the songs though a small run of cassettes (only 300 copies) he explained: “Honestly … I was thinking I would be surprised if 300 people wanted to purchase it.” He also wasn’t planning to tour, citing his upcoming nuptials as the reason for not wanting to be far from home. He seems to have changed his mind since the September interview; his tour dates now stretch from March through May with a stop at NYC’s own Mercury Lounge on March 7th. You have to ride the wave while you can…

Washed Out – Belong:



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