Jam of the Day – Brahms in Bushwick

No, we aren’t referring to Johannes, the super famous Romantic period composer, but rather the new band Brahms based in Brooklyn. Building on the “electro-pop” sound of his recent solo work, Cale Parks formed this new band with Eric Lyle Lodwick and Drew Montag Robinson (who were already playing live with him recently) for the new year, and they have been getting some great buzz after their recent shows including one at Glasslands a couple of weeks ago with Boy Crisis, Telepathe, and Apache Beat:

Brahms @ Glasslands on 1/22 (photo by Betsy Blundell)

Brahms is playing again tonight at Tandem in Bushwick, as part of The Sky Report Winter Showcase.

But if you can’t make it to the show, you can download two demos from the band’s website, for the price of your email address. So go over there and do it, you will like what you hear. In fact, here’s one of the jams right now, just to prove it to you.

Brahms – Brought It Out:



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