Jam of the Day – Big Pun Tribute for Valentine’s Day

It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since the passing of Big Pun, one of my favorite rappers of all time. It’s also just as hard to believe how rad that Big Pun/Air Jordan image is right there (re-purposed from the original ad campaign promoting the posthumous release of Yeeeah Baby back in April 2000). But fortunately for all the Christopher Rios fans out there, the 10 year anniversary of his death has also led to a couple of great new tracks featuring previously unreleased material from the Bronx MC.

First up, we’ve got this updated version of “Glamour Life” (from Big Pun’s first record, Capital Punishment), which Big Pun’s son – BABY PUN – put out as a tribute to his dad on February 7, exactly 10 years after Big Pun’s death. If you listen to the original lyrics, Pun gives a shout out to his son in the original. And so it’s only fitting that Baby Pun should add a really nice verse to the remix, showcasing a style and flow that sounds like Big Punisher is spitting from the grave basically. This kid could turn into a major MC one day.

AC, Realm Reality, Termanology & Baby Pun (Big Pun’s son) – Glamour Life 2010 (Prod. By Jet Audio):

But the real treat is a whole tribute album of rarities, classics and remixes, which will be released for download tomorrow. From The Boombox:

The mix — compiled by DJ Soul and G Bo the Pro — is the brainchild of D.I.T.C. member Buckwild. The hip-hop producer, noted for his work on Pun’s ‘N—- S—,’ was eager to praise the platinum-selling Latino rapper’s works in the form of a compilation. After Buckwild met DJ Soul, who last year created a similar tribute project dedicated to fallen Harlem rapper Big L, the two began executing the project. “Pun doesn’t get the light that he deserves when they talk about great emcees,” DJ Soul tells The BoomBox. “But I initially didn’t want to do a Pun mix because there isn’t too much unreleased music out there. Everything that’s been recorded has pretty much been released. So [Buckwild] said what if he remixed some of the songs. I knew if we were to do this project it would have to be with Sean C.”

Sean C., Pun’s A&R during his tenure at Loud Records, and LV, both of Grind Music, join the fold of producers creating beats for the homage.

The tribute was originally supposed to be released on February 7. But to make up for the delay, DJ Soul has already posted one of the tracks on his blog, which you can check out right here, right now. And don’t forget to download the whole mix tomorrow!

Big Pun – Resurrection (Prod. by Sean C. and LV):


P.S. You might not believe it, but my father actually saw Big Pun perform live in New Britain, Connecticut back in the late 90s, so Dad if you’re reading this and want to share any memories of the big guy, please drop a comment on the site!

From DJ Soul: @EV2BK The mix has been pushed as it is now being released on itunes with all of the proceeds going to Pun’s wife and kids



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3 responses to “Jam of the Day – Big Pun Tribute for Valentine’s Day

  1. bigpun

    Big Pun is my fav mc. Hes the true GOAT! RIP!

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    It’s Official – go to “www.bigpunplace.com” and come support me on my journey to finally make 163rd and Rogers Place the new home of “BIG PUN PLACE” I believe you should never give up on your dreams and if any walls are in your way break them down till your voice is heard- I believe second times a charm not the third so sign the petition for “WE WANT PUN PLACE” on the website and be part of history.
    Ms. Nicole Rodriguez, sister of the late Christopher “Big Pun” Rios, embarks on a journey to fulfill the dream of herself and the fans of one of the greatest to touch the mic. Ms. Rodriguez is committed to turning Rogers Place near 163rd in the Bronx to th…at of her brother’s name. Nicole shares that BIG PUN was a “True New Yorker” who loved where he was from and loved his people. With all the opportunities to leave his home town, he refused and chose to stay to his roots. Rogers Place and 163rd has become a place where locals, tourists come to pay homage and show respect to one of their beloved own. This is a petition to include fans all around and his supporters of his native New York community. If you are in favor of not only seeing but being a part of history, please fill out this petition in entirety and let it be known that you are for “Big Pun Place.”

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