EV2BK Live Music – RWBW Perform “Tentacles” at Cake Shop

Red Wire Black Wire has been playing a bunch of shows in NYC/Brooklyn recently since taking a bit of a breather after their tour last fall, and I think that’s probably a good thing for the band, since they seem to be playing really well if their show at Glasslands a couple weeks back with Bridges & Powerlines (perfect! these guys should book shows together all the time!) and Beat Radio was any indication. The audience was jumping around and singing along, and even Doug had to admit that he thought it was one of the best shows they’d played in a while when I caught up with him at their early show last night at Cake Shop.

Here are some photos of the show last night, and also a video of the band performing “Tentacles” from the same Cake Shop show. Keep up the good work dudes.

Red Wire Black Wire – Tentacles:



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