EV2BK Live Music – Bear Hands in Plazas and Squares

Bear Hands at American Eagle in Times Square

A couple weeks back, I went to go check out Bear Hands play a special show in Times Square for American Eagle and Spin Magazine, which was a little weird because I was trying to sort of rock out but that’s kind of a tall order when you find yourself standing in super-bright lights next to neatly folded and organized racks of t-shirts and chinos in various colors. But I guess if you were outside and happened to catch the performance on the jumbotron (above) on the face of the AE flagship, that probably would have been pretty dope.

What I can definitely tell you was hot was the Bear Hands show at The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza the previous week. Check out a video we recorded of the band playing the catchy-as-all-hell track “Tablasaurus,” which will appear on their forthcoming debut LP out on Cantora Records sometime this fall hopefully.

Bear Hands – Tablasaurus (live):



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