Jam of the Day – Move Over Moses: Bear Hands Release A New Burning Bush

Bear Hands // Photo by Betsy Blundell

Bear Hands drops their long-awaited and anticipated first LP Burning Bush Supper Club today, and we couldn’t be happier about how hard they’re making it rain. There are so many good tracks on this record that we hope you will listen to it streaming on Spin.com or order the album from Cantora Records. Definite standouts include the catchy-as-pink-eye opener “Crime Pays,” long time live favorite “Belongings,” and the track that feels like the heart and soul of the record, “Whicksey Boxing.” Plus, “Blood and Treasure” will rock your socks off!

Here’s the first single, “Crime Pays,” which will have a video soon, apparently.

Bear Hands – Crime Pays:



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