Bangin Beach & BBQ Playlist 2010

To kick off summer, and the 4th of July Weekend in a big way, EV2BK wants to introduce our Bangin Beach & BBQ Playlist 2010!

Over the next few days and weeks, we will add to the list, so keep checking back, but here’s a taste to whet your appetite and get some ideas percolating for your weekend BBQ jam selection.

#1) La Roux – In For The Kill:

To get things started right, we chose La Roux . La Roux has made major inroads into the US mainstream over the last year, and their hit single Bulletproof has been everywhere, even topping the UK charts in 2009. They will start a tour tomorrow that kicks off at RockWerchter2010. Other acts there will include The XX, Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, Phoenix, and many more. It sounds like a killer show, but unfortunately Werchter is a Belgian province near Brussles and it kicks off tomorrow so… no RockWerchter for you. La Roux has no NYC stops planned for the summer (the closest they’ll be is D.C.), so we’ll have to enjoy the tracks poolside instead. If this video doesn’t get you in the mood for the summertime heat (and inspire some awesome dance moves) then nothing will.

#2) Smashing Pumpkins – 1979:

Classic chilled out summer jam from 2005 by Smashing Pumpkins. Far better than this recent Passion Pit remix of “Tonight, Tonight,” let’s be real.

#3) Yeasayer – Madder Red:

We were sad to miss Yeasayer’s recent show as part of The Beach @ Governor’s Island summer concert series, but hear it was a blast. We’re sticking with their first release All Hour Cymbals as the band’s best work so far, but 2010’s Odd Blood definitely branches out into more danceable territory. Bump “Madder Red” to start the engine for your weekend road trip.

#4) The-Dream – Trilogy:

The-Dream is making some serious moves in the acting department with his video for “Trilogy” which includes songs from his pulsating third album Love King, which dropped yesterday. He opens the video with “Yamaha” for the first 4-minutes or so, where he is accompanied by the 2010 version of Robert Palmer’s girls and sounds a little like Prince. For the last 10 minutes (yes this is a long one) during “Nikki Pt. 2″ and “Abyss,” he stars in his own short film, complete with a dramatic narrative, one leading lady, and some creative camera work.

#5) The Morning Benders – Promises:

The Morning Benders have been included in heavy rotation in our offices ever since the foursome’s LP Big Echo came out earlier this year. Have you been listening to Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest for too long? Take it out. Put in Big Echo. Dance more than you used to and thank us later.

#6) Crystal Fighters – In The Summer:

Crystal Fighters came from Spain and blew the lid right off of that shit! Their newest track, “In The Summer,” which is available for free download on the band’s myspace page along with a “preview” of the video, is set to be released on July 5. Think Hudson Mohawk with a chorus. Looks like Spain could win the World Cup and the title for “hottest jam of the summer.”

#7) R. Kelly featuring Jay Z – Fiesta:

Who wouldn’t want to be at this party that Kells and Hov are hosting? Ah, the good old days when Cristal was the beverage of choice: “See V.I.P./Me, Kelly, Gotti and Hov/Drinkin Cris like it’s H2O!” If you don’t like this song, you are probably on the wrong website.

#8) Biz Markie – Just a Friend:

In case you’ve been wondering what Biz Markie has been up to recently, don’t miss your chance to go see his DJ Set at Brooklwn Bowl tonight. It’s amazing how Biz managed to make the most off-key vocals of nearly all recent recorded music into a classic. OH BABY YOOUUUU!

#9) Usher ft. – OMG:

Usher used to be cool, obviously, but after this whole Justin Beiber thing, we’re starting to question U’s taste. Given the title here, maybe he’s been hanging out with too many pre-teens. But check out that breakdown! The jury’s still out on this one.

#10) Julian Casablancas – Left & Right In the Dark:

We’ve already written a bunch about Julian Casablancas because we loved his solo record, so we were a little hesitant about putting him on the list. But this song is just too good to not include here on the summer jams playlist. Enjoy it if you’re so inclined.

#11) Skee-Lo – I Wish:

Skee-Lo may not be doing much these days, and certainly didn’t have any other hits that even approached the level of “I Wish,” but it’s also not hyperbole to say that this track is one of the original, Real McCoy “Jamz of the Day.” Remember when it was the Jam of the Week on MTV for like 13 weeks in a row or something back in 1995? It took Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” to knock Skee-Lo from the top dog position. Let’s reminisce together:

#12) The Roots – How I Got Over:

If you haven’t heard last month’s ninth studio album from The Roots, How I Got Over, then do yourself a favor and pick it up now! The title track “How I Got Over” picks up right where “The Seed 2.0” did back in 2002 with a smooth Cody Chesnutt vocal hook and driving beats from ?uestlove and the rest of the crew.

#13) Broken Bells – The High Road:

Danger Mouse and James Mercer team up as Broken Bells for some revamped psychedelic rock classics riding against a hip hop backdrop on their recent release. And for further summer jams reading, check out Danger Mouse’s “Endless Summer” playlist that he put together for New York magazine’s June issue.

#14) Darwin Deez – Up In The Clouds:

Darwin Deez is a bit hard to classify, mostly because of the silly hairband/hairdo combo, but this track and video definitely live up to DD’s self-described style on myspace, “indie rock with a side of calisthenics,” if by calisthenics he means dancing. Right now he’s on tour in Europe and elsewhere through November, but when he gets back in town you can be sure to catch the Deez at many local shows around the city’s various boroughs.

#15) Snoop Dogg – Who Am I? (What’s My Name)

The breakout solo smash from Tha Original Doggfather himself, Snoop Doggy Dogg. Break out a 40, turn the volume up, and start rolling the dutch, because it’s about to get G-funky up in here!

#16) Genesis – I Can’t Dance:

Genesis was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year for their many musical contributions and fans (they’ve sold over 150 million records worldwide since they formed in the late 60s), and this track from We Can’t Dance (Phil Collin’s last studio album with the band) was one of their most commercially successful. The video reminds me of my parents and their friends doing funny dances in our living room during the summer. And also that beach scene with the dog is kind of funny.

#17)Twin Shadow – I Can’t Wait:

I know we recently posted about Twin Shadow but this track, “I Can’t Wait,” is perfect for an end of summer mix. Even though George Lewis Jr.’s lyrics are “I cannot wait for summer/I cannot wait for June,” there’s a melancholic longing in his voice that speaks more of memories and regrets from a summer spent than a season just beginning. Either way, the track is required listening.

And while you’re at it, check out Gordon Voidwell’s remix of the same track (via Rcrd Lbl):

#18) LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk Is Playing at My House:

Yeah, we get it James Murphy, you’re really cool and hip and are bringing/brought disco back. Please invite us next time.

#19)Kanye West – What It Do/What It Is


#20) Big Boi ft. Vonnegutt – Follow Us:

Now that Big Boi from Outkast was finally able to resolve all these issues with Jive Records and release his solo record Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, I’ve got to say that the record has an abundant selection of dope tracks (with a few missteps along the way). Does anyone else thing that the singer from Vonnegutt sounds a lot like Cale Parks? I want a BRAHMS remix.


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