EV2BK Banging Beach and BBQ Playlist 2010 – #6-10

#6) Crystal Fighters – In The Summer:

Crystal Fighters came from Spain and blew the lid right off of that shit! Their newest track, “In The Summer,” which is available for free download on the band’s myspace page along with a “preview” of the video, is set to be released on July 5. Think Hudson Mohawk with a chorus. Looks like Spain could win the World Cup and the title for “hottest jam of the summer.”

#7) R. Kelly featuring Jay Z – Fiesta:

Who wouldn’t want to be at this party that Kells and Hov are hosting? Ah, the good old days when Cristal was the beverage of choice: “See V.I.P./Me, Kelly, Gotti and Hov/Drinkin Cris like it’s H2O!” If you don’t like this song, you are probably on the wrong website.

#8) Biz Markie – Just a Friend:

In case you’ve been wondering what Biz Markie has been up to recently, don’t miss your chance to go see his DJ Set at Brooklwn Bowl tonight. It’s amazing how Biz managed to make the most off-key vocals of nearly all recent recorded music into a classic. OH BABY YOOUUUU!

#9) Usher ft. will.i.am – OMG:

Usher used to be cool, obviously, but after this whole Justin Beiber thing, we’re starting to question U’s taste. Given the title here, maybe he’s been hanging out with too many pre-teens. But check out that breakdown! The jury’s still out on this one.

#10) Julian Casablancas – Left & Right In the Dark:

We’ve already written a bunch about Julian Casablancas because we loved his solo record, so we were a little hesitant about putting him on the list. But this song is just too good to not include here on the summer jams playlist. Enjoy it if you’re so inclined.




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