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Weezer Loves Four Letter Words (video cover of MGMT/GAGA)

I’ve always had a soft spot for Weezer, and this merely affirms and strengthens the love:

Weezer – Kids / Pokerface (cover of MGMT / Lady Gaga):

Thanks go out to Matt from The Music Slut for this. Twitter in the house.


P.S. OK, so we’ve had a lot of MGMT on the site recently; whatever, they’re good!

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ev2bk Live Music – All Points West 2009 Sunday

Statue of Liberty So we WERE able to make it to All Points West on Sunday and it was a sweaty, music-filled, muddy time. But first we had to wait all morning/afternoon for the torrential downpours to end and let the powers-that-be decide that the weather would hold out long enough to open the doors. There were many conflicting twitter reports and the All Points website was very infrequently updated but finally we decided to brave the crowds and the mud. On the way in we heard the Silversun Pickups and We Are Scientists but the first band that we got to see up close was Elbow. They rocked it on the mellow tip (they sound amazingly clean and sharp live) and geared us up for a walk to the Bullet Stage for a rollicking Black Keys show.

Gloomy skies @ All Points West on Sunday

Gloomy skies @ All Points West on Sunday

One thing that must be said about this whole All Points West festival experience: being forced to drink $7 beers in a “beer garden”/animal-pen-filled-with-mud is not a good or sustainable model. Get it together APW, this is rock and roll festival, idiots!

So for a little while I got caught up in looking for something to eat while Melissa explored the VIP area, and then Coldplay starting raining down some anthems, covering “Fight for your Right” along the way in a nice Beastie Boys tribute, which was a fitting bookend of sorts to Jay-Z’s cover of “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” on Friday evening.

Coldplay w/ crazy laser beams @ All Points West 2009

Coldplay w/ crazy laser beams @ All Points West 2009

Just a little while later, we wandered over to check out MGMT, who was playing on the Bullet Stage across the way, and actually got a couple of decent videos of them performing.

MGMT – Pieces of What (live @ All Points West 2009):

MGMT – Weekend Wars (live @ All Points West 2009):

On the way home, some of us were covered with mud, but only on our shoes/pants/legs/hair/outside parts. Not in our hearts. God Bless America!

Main Stage and flag



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Jam of the Day – It’s Electric

MGMT – Electric Feel

It’s hot like an electric forest out there today.

I can’t embed the video for some reason, so looks like you have to go the extra mile and click on the link above. But if images were words, it would look something like this:

Talking animals!
Glitter-y rain!
Motorbikes in the moon!


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