ev Live Music – *EXCLUSIVE* Boy Crisis “In the Air Tonight” Cover

It looks like we finally have a release date set for the new Boy Crisis record, Tulipomania! According to their myspace blog, we can expect an October 5th release (both in stores and online), although I think that you may be able to pick up a copy in the U.K. already. Also, the first single, “Fountain of Youth,” will be released on September 28th. Get psyched!

So last night we had a chance to see them play at Mercury Lounge, and it was a blast. The band got all dolled up in matching costumes (taken from the set of the “Fountian of Youth” video shoot earlier this month), and were surrounded on either side of the stage by the very girls that were holding them aloft in the video:

Boy Crisis @ Mercury Lounge, August 25, 2009

Boy Crisis @ Mercury Lounge, August 25, 2009

They played kind of a short set, but it included a lot of the new material (“Elementary Particles” was the opener, followed by “Bohemian Grove,” and later on “Fountain of Youth” was probably one of the best songs they played all night). And before they jumped into the encore of “Dressed to Digress,” we were hit with a pretty great cover of “In the Air Tonight,” the Phil Collins classic! Check it:

Boy Crisis – In the Air Tonight (Live Cover @ Mercury Lounge):

The place was pretty dark for this one, so the video quality isn’t top-notch, but the magic shines through in the vocals.




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