Jam of the Day – Twin Tower Sights and Hotel Lights

Today marks the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attacks here in the city, and for the third consecutive year, the commemoration was held at Zuccotti Park, right next to ground zero. The Times has a pretty great re-cap of the events here. And although the weather no doubt made standing outside for the ceremony a bit more difficult, it will certainly make seeing the commemorative twin columns of light that much easier to check out tonight:

WTC Twin Columns of Light - from Flickr user Sister72

WTC Twin Columns of Light - from Flickr user Sister72

Another light shining tonight, but in Brooklyn, is Hotel Lights. Hotel Lights is lead by Darren Jessee, who was the drummer for Ben Folds Five. Jessee is joined by Alan Weatherhead of Sparklehorse on Hotel Lights recordings, and they have made some really low-key tracks that they describe as “melancholy and beautiful songs about small, human scenes– spot lit moments enclosed and illuminated.” Sounds like the perfect soundtrack for today.

Come check out Darren Jessee tonight at Pete’s Candy Store, where he will play a solo set starting at 8 PM. He’s followed by indie rock band Falcon 9, as well as author Nic Brown, who will be reading selections from his new novel “Floodmakers.”

Hotel Lights – A.M. Slow Golden Hit:



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