ev2bk Live Music – Bear Hands Perform “Belongings” at Rockefeller Center

Fashion's Night Out 2009 Banner on 30 Rock

Fashion's Night Out 2009 Banner on 30 Rock

We were excited to see Bear Hands play a show since their return from across the pond a few days ago, and they seem to have benefitted from the time on the road, as last night’s show at Rockefeller Center for Fashion’s Night Out 2009 was extra tight. It may have been the setting, but it seemed like Dylan, Ted, T.J. and Val were ready for the big time (and maybe some models? just kidding, gfs). Luckily, we were recording when they started in on a relatively new song, “Belongings,” and are dropping that exclusive shit once again. I can’t wait for this record.

Bear Hands – Belongings (Live at Rockefeller Center, 9/10/09):

Here are a few more photos from the show as well, just ’cause we love Bear Hands like that:






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