Jam of the Day – You’ll Have to Work Harder in 2011

Well just like T-Pain, we took a break for a while and now we’re coming back SUPER BIG. This T-Mix of the Wiz Khalifa track “Black & Yellow” is the obvious favorite over the G-Mix, without question. When he says “every whip I do IT in, the rims’ super big,” you’re not sure if he’s talking about the proverbial “IT,” like he’s Will Smith getting jiggy with “it,” or whether he only gets busy in cars with rims 22″ or larger! Conundrum.

Wiz Khalifa ft. T-Pain – Black & Yellow (T-MIX):

But then WHOA. I check out this link from TheHairpin.com to an article about this absolutely amazing track from this 10-year-old named LYRIKKAL with the fire remix. She is killing it! And also saving for college, while taking mad dance classes and shit. “And yo I love ya’ll…back!”

LYRIKKAL – Pink & Purple:

Shout outs to HI-C (10% juice).



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