EV2BK Live Music – Bear Hands, Slam Donahue, and Emil & Friends

At the end of any great show, don’t you have that fantasy moment that the band you were grooving to all night will come out and play just one more song? Well last Friday, the audience at the Gibson Guitar Showroom in Washington, D.C. got just that. Following the Bear Hands set at the end of the show as the crowd was trickling out to the porch to enjoy their last drinks and cigarettes, Val Loper and Ted Feldman from Bear Hands, Slam Donahue, and Emil from Emil & Friends rocked out to Slam Donahue’s “It’s Scary.” The show was hosted by All Things Go and curated by Cantora Records.

Cantora All Stars performing Slam Donahue – “It’s Scary” [featuring Slam Donahue, Bear Hands, Emil & Friends, and Will Griggs]:



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