Jam of the Day – One More Drink and That Priest Might Renounce His Celebacy

Apparently (according to the Times article posted today), if you give the Rev. Henry Willenborg (or many other Roman Catholic priests) one more drink… then he might make sexual advances at a spirituality retreat that lead you to break off your marriage, have his baby, and then get into a decades-long struggle with the Franciscan higher ups over child support and confidentiality agreements! What ever happened to priestly celibacy? As if the Catholic Church hasn’t had enough sex scandals. This is getting into R. Kelly-level territory. But seriously, I went to a middle school run by Franciscan nuns, and don’t find this funny one bit. Keep it in your pants, dogg.

But it’s Friday night (“and I [am] feeling alright”). So you know what is funny and also sort of relevant? This video of “One More Drink” from Ludacris and T-Pain (with an appearance by Katt Williams). If this is a “Luda Service Announcement,” I look forward to more of those and less of these.

Ludacris ft. T-Pain – One More Drink:



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